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A Temporary Exhibit

This temporary exhibit explores the mysteries and wonders of Wyoming through the creative eyes of our seasonal interpreters. "CSI: Casper Seasonal Interpreters" will be available during normal business hours from October 3 through November 28. This exhibit’s goal is to connect participants with public lands, and in turn with America’s natural and cultural heritage.

According to the Casper Seasonal Interpreters, “we came with fresh eyes and perspectives to see, learn, and share our love of history. Our free exhibit features photographic images and thoughtful text that will stir the imagination of both young and old. It is our great pleasure to share our experiences and adventures, as well as the many inspirational stories of pioneers who came west. It is our hope that this exhibit will paint a picture of what we, as seasonal Interpretive Park Rangers have experienced this summer, and hopefully we will be able to capture your attention by sharing these encounters!”

Posted on: Friday October 05, 2018 @ 3:38 PM

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