OPEN HOUSE- National Travel and Tourism Week

OPEN HOUSE- National Travel and Tourism Week

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You are invited to come celebrate National Travel and Tourism week on May 6th. This is a after hours event sponsored by the National Historic Trails Center Foundation, it is being held at the Trails Center after business hours 5-7pm. We will have appetizers, adult beverages, non-alcoholic drinks, prizes, and LIVE music!! Please use this as an opportunity to come see what we are about, and then bring your visitors they will love Casper's hidden gem. Weather permitting patio doors will be open to encourage outdoor mingling.

We can't wait to see you!!


The National Historic Trails Center "Crossroads of the West" is a public and private partnership created to promote and preserve the heritage surrounding the pathways to the West and to foster appreciation, insight, and understanding.

The Center is dedicated to providing archival and educational programs and services, to increase the public awareness of the historic trails, to enrich the cultural and intellectual lives of visitors and residents, and to encourage tourism to the area in an accessible and responsible manner.

Posted on: Tuesday April 27, 2021 @ 1:29 PM

  This event has already passed. For upcoming events, or to see other event archives, please visit our Events page.

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